more Hawthorn

On my drive around town to the P.O., library, Hobby Lobby and grocery store, I observed many Hawthorn trees in their glory. Ours is rather crowded since we have a tree-type person here – my husband, who loves lots of trees.

These look so pretty adorning a parking lot. Looking forward to Fall when there will be red berries.

Hawthorn was prized among Northwest Coastal Native People for many things. In addition to the flowers and berries being used as medicine, the large black thorns were used to make fish hooks, sewing awls, and lances for probing blisters, boils, and for piercing ears. The wood is unusually hard and has been fashioned into tools and weapons. It also makes long-lasting and hot fuel ~~~ this information is from this article

things you can do with Hawthorn berries ~ I’m interested in the vinegar making using these berries. This article explains a lot. Don’t eat the seeds. Apple seeds are bad to eat also because of arsenic, so that’s not too unusual. You can cook the berries and toss the seeds to make jelly. I also says only eat young Hawthorn flowers or buds. The word “Haw” is from the word “hedge” ~ they used them for hedges in England, where they also called them “May” because that is the month they bloomed in that country.

some trees I saw today ~


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